Kitchenette We Hardly Knew Ye

I was crushed this morning to discover that buried deep in the grays on a very mundane recipe post was the absolutely awful news that Kitchenette (along with several other Gawker sites) will be cancelled:…

Kitchenette always had some entertaining and informative posts, but really came into its own with the launch of the Behind Closed Ovens series. Every Monday (with occasional bonus posts), Colin Pinkham brought us the funniest, grossest, best and worst of true stories in the restaurant and food service industry. The stories were terrific, the comments often hilarious, and it never failed to brighten my Mondays just when I needed it. I will likely invoke Pinkham’s Law for the rest of my life, as well as always associating monogrammed thermoses with the worst of douchebaggery.


To top it all off, every post started with the most spectacular pieces of food porn like this one:

Illustration for article titled Kitchenette We Hardly Knew Ye

Kitchenette and Behind Closed Ovens will be sorely missed. I wish Colin all the best and can’t wait to keep reading his material wherever he ends up.

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